UK Charcoal Making Information & Equipment

Charcoal Equipment Suppliers

Pressvess are Europe's leading manufacturers of Charcoal Retorts and Charcoal Kilns and can design and build charcoal producing systems to match any requirement and budget.

The Woodsmith's Store provides mini kilns right up to full size commercial charcoal kilns for those either looking at full scale commercial charcoal production or those who simply want to convert hardwood thinnings from small scale woodland operations into a great product for personal use and / or sale.

Recycle Works suppliers of 'Pope' charcoal kilns

Four Seasons suppliers of charcoal retorts ands kilns.

Charcoal Making Information

UK Charcoal Producers

Bristol - Chew Valley Charcoal produce and supply high quality charcoal from sustainably managed coppiced woodlands in and around the Mendip Hills. More info...

Cumbria - Lakeland Coppice Products makes all their own charcoal in Maureen the mobile charcoal kiln. More info...

Dorset - Dorset Charcoal Company - high quality British hardwood charcoal from manged woodland. More info...

Swansea - The Gower Charcoal Company converts neglected coppice into saleable items, ie. barbeque charcoal and furniture. More info...


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